PS3 Controller fail.

Corn_chan on Oct. 25, 2009

Seriously. Why on earth did they design the PS3 controller to be so dinky in length? I mean, the PS2 had a really nice long cord so that people could sit back and relax while playing. Did they assume everyone would move their couches up ten inches? Did they assume people would REMEMBER to charge their controllers? I DIDN'T THINK SO.

Anyway, these are two new characters for all my console game references. Jim(The middle) Sato(the right) are roommates…how they pay rent every month is a miracle since they're jobless. Jim is the hardcore console gamer who overacts about anything failtastic or any mistakes he makes. Sato is pretty chill, but isnt the type to be messed with. The other two characters which you saw in the previous comic, is Chandelier and DPocky, and will be for all my MMO game comics. So I have characters for different game genres. Got it? Good.

I am well aware that YESTERDAY was the day I was supposed to post this. :x I don't have free access to the internet right now, so I'm limited to how many times I can access it. I'm sorry, it wont happen again. (Unless responsibilities spawn out of nowhere..)