Will on Nov. 12, 2007

Well, the summer holidays are creeping ever closer, and the story i have been planning every day for almost a year now will gnaw at my very soul untill i decide to draw at least the first chapter.

now, the premise of this story is quite unusual. I am a person who loves his fantasy stories. however, i also hate the idea of “magic”, almost every fantasy book and comic has “magic” or magical creatures or magical places as its premise, and what really pisses me off is that authors can fill their book with as many plot holes as they want, because everything unexplainable can be explained by saying “its magic”.

This comic will probably end up being more of a science fiction genre than a fantasy, but i aim to create a fantasy comic that is driven by science and proper definition, no “magic” per-se, but the magic of science! yaaaay!

ok, that sounds boring, but you'll get what i'm saying if i ever get a few pages done. so, bookmark meh, i plan to get these pages done!