Cover innocence of youth

wind on March 18, 2009

Um yeah. This is my cover page to innocence of youth. You're probably thinking “oh great this chick is back again. Can't she keep one comic in mind and stick with it? God she's annoying” As true as that may be I would just like to say that I have matured a lot since my last comic and my last time hear. I really feel bad for everything I have done in the past to people hear. I hope that I can be forgiven in some way. I also changed my style I'm not sticking with anime I'm exploring my other fields.

Time: 3 hrs or more

brushes: manga brushes made by someone on D.A.

Comic title: innocence of youth

character information:Character profiles

Name: Timothy cooper
gender: male
Hair: brown
eyes: blue
DOB: October 30th 1729
clothes: ragged shirt and brown pants
Height: about 5/6“
pounds: 19.4 (normal weight)
region: America
period: 18th century
family: Mother, father, 3 brothers, uncles, grandparents, 1 aunt
pets: one hunting dog
biog: Born in America in the 18th century timothy cooper is the middle child in a big family. Timothy's family
has been living in America for a very long time. Their ancestors came over on the very first ships of England.
Timothy has a heart disease ( I don't think it was discovered at the time… this disease at least) and if
he does things like normal people do for to long he gets exhausted easily and thats not good for him. His
brothers tease him constantly and mainly call him weasy when he breathes heavy. His mom stays at home and
does normal activities she cleans the house, tidies the children's rooms, and clean the clothes the basics
His dad works as a barrel maker thats why their last name is ”cooper“ which back in those days literally meant
barrel maker.
Likes: gamier meets, fruits, dogs and wolves, making barrels with father, playing baseball, running,
snow, rain, fall, he's picky when it comes to other things.
Dislikes: His brothers when they pick on him, not being able to run, staying inside when his attacks get to over
whelming, his school teacher, the ” biting dark" group when they get away with everything.