Chapter One Cover

Xade on Aug. 31, 2011

Well, here it is, Chapter one, Questionable Sanity. Hope everyone likes it.
Many thanks to CoreFolf for the wing texture and the Alex on the right's expression. I could have never done this without him. Go visit him on his Deviant Art and say hi to him. You will also find the other texture I will have for the wings. I know there is some mistakes here and there in the white but I did the best I could, I did this under the wire. 
Sadly, I have no idea when I can work on the next comic, my hard drive failed, but everything was backed up, and I dont have room on my little rinky dink 80gb backup hard drive for my expansive runtime. I am going to RMA the old one and hoefully get this hard drive instead, if I have the money today after paying bills :P