Brokenhill on April 22, 2007

I hate how people make stories about fucking magical mecha and shit, then the main character is some hot shot pilot with a shady past and a nack for saving peoples lives…

oh hell no, not in this story. Mechs are urban monsters, the ultimate land weapon… but as great as these massive weapons of destuction are… their pilots and equally screwed in the head. :)

um in other news, I'd like to say again, This is purely fictional, yes I have politcal views, but its not like I'm trying to insult anyone or get any facts muddled up. Half the crap is made up. so yeah. um I'm going to try to update this more cause the concept is pretty cool (not really even mech related) I'll keep yall's posted, I'll be moving to a more Color based format as soon as I can figure out a less time consuming coloring method. peace