Jay's Internet Fight Club(Special story)

jerrie on March 11, 2015

The New Action Babes League presents its first BATTLE CAGE MATCH!!!!!!! in our
smack talk ..now….its getting real!!! Masked Americana…the
S.H.O.C.K. league and Female Fight Armageddon Champion…comes over to
the new Action Babes league…to shut up Tommy(The Nightmare) Wyn in a
no holds barred BATTLE CAGE MATCH!!!!!! Tommy calls herself the self
proclaimed champion…she says she can beat anybody…well… one of the
best in the biz has come to see if Tommy can walk the walk!(A special
match i wrote and drew for a fight group I am part of on Deviant art.
Americana and SHOCK League belong to chickfighter(@deviantart.com) -
well…that ends this special story….we might have another match next week…or…maybe we start issue seven…Coalition! see you next week