Pushy Death

Kaytheist on Sept. 15, 2006

Death is kind of cute. He reminds me of a Keebler elf, though…could be the hood blowing back like that. Shame he has to become human now. I'm not sure how I want them to look as humans. I'm not geek enough for anime (and it's usually ugly anyway; exceptions can be made for brilliant works like Charby the Vampirate) and I don't have my own style.

I've got a lot of new strips for different comics inked and ready. But the scanner is at the other end of the trailer (yes, trailer; just moved here last Sunday), and it isn't even hooked up to the computer in that room.

So if I want to scan these, I have to go back there to a slower computer on a slow connection and hope nothing freezes. Eek. But all of my JaF comics were scanned ages ago. I just didn't have a DD account at the time.

Since some charming soul commented on the stick figures, I'll reiterate: I CAN draw people, and better than my art teachers at that (which doesn't say much; this is WV, after all), but it detracts from my comics if they look too human.

Plus it takes a lot of time and I'm a slacker. If you want to see some nice art, check out my DeviantART gallery. There's not much in it right now, as I'd already taped up my artwork on my walls before I opened the account, but I'm going to take it down and scan it all.

I'm not going to ink those, however. Inking is only for comics. Real art is above that.

That slutty chick has weird tits. I don't know if I meant for them to look like pieces of fruit, or if that was just a slip of the pen.

I apologize for the bad handwriting. I'll change it in the next strips. When I draw them. And it'll be more horizontal. Heh. Like I said, this comic was just for laughs. But it's so easy to draw and I write super fast, so I kept up with it. Those were all done in one day, as I've mentioned, and I haven't done any since.

I'll get on the human transformations right now. They'll get scanned sometime tomorrow.