498: iStore

Sameth on Aug. 19, 2010

You know…I kind of what an iPad for the same reason. It's sad, I know. Well, to be honest…I'm not an Apple fan. The only Apple product I own is an iTouch.

I feel this joke is a little late, but I've had this comic written for a while. I've just not had a chance to use it until now.

Also, I modeled this store after the one on Fifth Avenue. For those of you who haven't seen pictures of it, it's pretty cool. Basically it's this big glass cube and you walk into it and descend a set of stairs and it's a subterranean shop. A bright lit subterranean shop, but a subterranean shop nonetheless. As much as I poke fun at apple products and The Apple Store, I have to admit that that's just cool. I'd like to see it in person some day.