620. The Return of The Ambis 11: Angel vs. Alien

Sameth on May 31, 2011

This is Gray Angel from my comic Henchman No. 9. This comic takes place after the current chapter of Henchman No. 9. Someday I'll add more to it. I plan on having another page up next Monday.

Anyway, I gave Gray Angel a redesign because I wasn't too crazy about her old costume. This still has the same look, but slightly different. The lines on her old helmet are faux Angel siglis. The ones on her current helmet are actually runes. Runes are much easier to draw than sigils.

Anyway, some of the powers we've seen in Henchman No. 9 from Gray Angel include super strength, force field, and flight. Of the three in the room, Gray Angel is the most super. Though you could say The Ambis is a technopath…or super intelligent…one of the two.