910. Empire 27: Home Again (With Ask Remula 70)

Sameth on April 8, 2013

News, everyone! Wednesday's comic is the very last Jix comic. Don't expect anything all that special, though. I'm basically just ending the current arc. I was going to do a comic showing what everyone was doing post-comic, but I decided against it considering I wanted this to be open-ended. If I did that comic, I would be painting myself into a corner.
The reason being is that I'm planning on a spinoff comic (as I have mentioned before). I have no idea when it's going to come out. Hopefully within the next two months.
Basically, I want a break from Jix. And I want some time to get the next comic ready for a regular update schedule.
I'll post updates in the comment section of Jix as well as in the commentary in my other comics. (So stay tuned.)