Page 1

Daiconv on Feb. 6, 2008

Panel 3 is my favorite panel, I think we've all been there at some point in our life. *sigh* I miss college…but yeah, so when I originally did this page, It was pretty much my first time inking sequentials with a brush. I really think the inks look pretty good for my first attempt. I love inking with a brush, I'll probably never use my microns again.
Okay, I guess I'll talk about what I had to go through to make this page. Before I started, I decided that I would work at 11x17 which is pretty much the standard for american print comics. Working big is fun because you can cram more detail into smaller panels and shrinking it down hides a lot of mistakes. It wasn't until it was time to scan the page on my dinky 8.5x11 scanner that I realized the futility of what I was trying to do. The actual process of scanning the page took forever because I had to do it in sections and then put it back together in photoshop. After I was finished with the page, I decided that working big wasn't worth the hastle. So the rest of the comic will be done in a much more managable size, 5.5x7 I think. All this really means for you is more pages in half the time…