Still a Work in Progress...Sorry. @_@"

SkyAsimaru on Sept. 11, 2008

Hello! And welcome to what will become the Kan and Oren story, or “KO'd”, as i like to call it :3

This comic is a joint-work between writer/artist Ana Zeytseva and writer/artist myself, Ashley Litz. At the moment, we're still working out the kinks in our story-telling machines called our imaginations, so bear with us please. We have some killer stories/chapters to tell- -but are not quite sure how to thread them together, yet! ^^

And a warning to all who find ye'selves here: this manga becomes Yaoi in later chapters. Just thought I'd let you know. To all the yaoi fangirls: come right in and get your plushies ready to hug and squeal! ^^ we're hoping to have some chapters up as soon as October! The reason so late being that 1) the 2 artist/writers now live on opposite sides of the country from each other, thus making it harder to commmunicate/brainstorm like we used to, and 2) I will be attending AWA in Atlanta this September, 19-21st, at the Artist's Alley and Marketplace, table #33. If you'd like to know/see more of the story before then, feel free to drop by!

^^ hope to see you all there! (if..anybody's still out there, anyway.. T-T)

The Artist,