Page 8: issue 21 - Party Sequence

shastab24 on Sept. 26, 2016

Wait, I'm back? Yes, and I want to actually finish this issue. The problem is that once this Caper storyline is over, I'm going right into the next. I guess that's what happens when it takes so long for me to do anything. But expect this issue to finish this week, because the next issue should start in October, which is so close.

One thing this page does is tie into the final page my characters showed up in for the Caper, something I wanted to do before wrapping up (and explain why Flame Thrower was there to help pick up some potato salad when she as a character doesn't like the stuff–something to appease me, as I know you readers didn't know this). The successive part of the issue I intended won't happen, but that's all because of my own slowness lately. However, I'll try to do something of the like to close out the issue.

Sorry that this had so little of the main cast, and that may be partly because the Protectors are the characters of mine I like the most, and have had the longest. Also of note: the cameo in the final panel is Brunhilda of the KAMics. KAM's characters were a punk band for the Caper.