Page 4: issues 5 (On the Run) and Special 1 (Sysyphus Part 1)

shastab24 on May 7, 2012

Top page: Sparkle gets her outfit.  And she's right.  It just isn't complete without the bow.  I like her optimism, as well, and it makes her fun to write.
Bottom page: A special cameo for today–the comic is Comfortably Numb, my first attempt at doing a webcomic.  However, I am no good at gag-a-day (and often comedy in general) and have been much more interested in superheroes than anything, so the comic suffered the webcomic curse: schedule slips that lead to complete stagnation.  I just decided to say why it stopped and to say goodbye properly.  The story wasn't original–I was really taking cues from Venus Envy for a lot of the plot points–and it was overall rather lackluster.  Besides, this helps show what Tempore is really like.  He will kill if he figures it's in his best interest.
Tomorrow: Astral's story and Tempore detours before talking with Time and Laser