Page 3: Crossover Melee - The Dogs of War

shastab24 on Jan. 4, 2013

Did you think I'd forget about Tempore for the crossover?  Definitely not.  He's in a different place now, though.  I realized I had a perfect way to put him in the crossover–what he'd be doing and why.  And who's that hand belong to?  You'll see.
It was interesting to draw Tempore relaxing, though.  I know he's been compared to the Silver Surfer, and my inspiration for this doesn't help distance him from that.  How many times has the Surfer sat down in front of a stream or river to reflect on the nature of humanity and the cosmos?  It's a decent amount, for sure.  Sure, Tempore is only reflecting on his own purpose, not anything beyond himself, but the comparison can still stand.