Page 23: Crossover Melee - The Dogs of War

shastab24 on Feb. 1, 2013

It's horribly late, I know, but I've been sick.  Through yesterday I had a fever, which was making it increasingly difficult to find time to do comic stuff (considering it makes you so cold you don't want to get out of bed since the covers are so warm).  Since I seem to be feeling better, hopefully I can also work faster.
So we've finally left the bank.  And Eiderdown's doppelganger (who still needs a name–I'm disappointed that I haven't gotten any suggestions) is in the wind–literally.  The next sequence for the story will pick up right from here.  And, in the not-too-distant future, you will see a special story not written or drawn by me.
This is a part of Crossover Melee.