Page 3: Crossover Melee 2 - In the Flesh

shastab24 on March 6, 2013

Hey, a reference caption for a previous issue!  I really should do these more often.  After all, I keep referring to previous events–and Trans Dimensional Trans Superheroes really warranted it, because Astral's fight with Masticator was there, not in this comic.  I call him M guy in the caption because people who might only read this comic wouldn't know his name.
I realize that the look of Masticator coming out of the portal is actually a bit similar to the look of Eiderdown's doppelganger (her name is Patchwork, by the way) coming out of Doppelganger's back.  I do think it looks a bit visceral, and can give an interesting visual to the portals as it is.
This is part of Crossover Melee, and should also introduce much of the HUniverse to the crossover.  I plan on running a play-by-post role-playing thread in the Heroes Alliance forum, where people can get their characters involved.  It's likely I won't have Astral and Sparkle in the forums, per se (I technically could, though, but it could get confusing).  Instead, it may be my chance to spotlight Locomotive, Technica, Noggin, Purple Power, the Herculean, or Ammon Man's kid (though I think I'll save him for a proper issue of Heroes Alliance).  But Masticator is going to be troubling Astral and Sparkle for the time being.  It's evident enough by the cover–and I will show why he'll be able to take on them both eventually.  The man really is evil.
By the way, Masticator has appeared before.  Remember Fractal's origin back in issue 4?  He's the first villain that Fractal fought.  Wonderful human being, for sure.
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