Page 2: Crossover Melee 3 - Time

shastab24 on May 3, 2013

This actually came out semi-decently.  These two characters carrying the others are Captain Midnight and Luminary from Midnight Avenger Comics.  Their costumes come from different time periods, though.  I just chose the ones I liked better, since both of them have multiple costume designs.  Captain Midnight's is from his first appearance and Luminary's is I think her latest.  I like her colors, while I like the less color for Captain Midnight.  Why are they wearing costumes from different points in their histories?  I claim the time anomaly changing them.  Yes, that's it.
So you can also see the Runner on this page.  Originally Luminary was going to be carrying him under one arm, the other person under her other arm.  However, Captain Midnight carrying someone under one arm came out so poorly that I went a different route.  The Runner was supposed to be unconcious, but now he's awake and holding on.
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