Page 7: Crossover Melee 3 - Time

shastab24 on May 11, 2013

This can definitely pose a problem with where and when they are. Of course, a dragon could technically come from any time period, considering they're fictional, but oh well. I'd wanted to draw a dinosaur, but that didn't turn out so well the last time I tried. Also, in the last panel, I colored Captain Midnight's eye grey because I actually have no idea what his eye color is. Therefore, since his eyepieces are grey from afar, I just acted like they were lenses, or something.
I also have just found out that the costumes I've been using for Captain Midnight and Luminary are exact opposites in their history. Captain Midnight's is from his first appearance, and Luminary's is her latest. The first Luminary costume looks nothing like the current one, which is interesting. I should probably start finding a way to get Captain Midnight into his current costume (which has a bit more red in it).
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