Pages 3 and 4: issue 16 - Lucy Leave

shastab24 on July 7, 2014

I hate missing days, let alone with the frequency I've been doing it.  But such is what happens when you don't write your scripts down beforehand.  Anyways, double update due to missing Friday.
I think I went overboard with the blue for Astral, but I have a tendancy to think he and Sparkle go a little overboard in regards to color theming to their genders.  Sparkle loves being girly, and pink is socially the girliest color, so she uses it a lot, while Astral usually wears blue, and I just went over the top and made his house be decorated in nearly all blues.  It seemed to make sense.  Both over-compensate due to their actual bodies looking nothing like their genders.  It's a little of the insecurity in both of them, as they're my most insecure characters in this comic.