Page 2: issue 17 - One of the Few

shastab24 on Sept. 3, 2014

Please note, if you're reading Karabear Comics Presents Special concurrently with this, it should be noted that the two comics opening at the same time with the character… au naturale… is actually not correlative.  I wrote the first pages of the special a couple months ago, and this comic is more off the cuff.  I have an idea for the story, but haven't written anything in advance for a while.  Certainly this intro is different.  I was originally going to have the Swimmer called as an error–it was going to be somebody thinking she was the Runner due to the name (sounds more like one a sea-originating character would use), but I decided to draw Max here instead, so I went this route.  Either way, the Swimmer is called before the Runner, who is actually quite difficult to contact.