Ch. 2.5 - A Bit Extreme

jgib99 on April 19, 2013

And we are back! The old batteries are recharged and a few pages are in the tank and ready to go. Thank you everyone for your patience.
In this page, we return to the future (?) where Karen is possessed by The Voice, and old men have cool ass fu manchus. To those that are wondering what the deal is with this side-story. All I have to say is, trust me, it'll make sense eventually. its vital to the whole story.
By the way, today is Karen's Edge's 1st Anniversary!! So… HOORAY!! And please don't throw confetti. Its very messy and its a pain in the neck to clean out of the keyboard.
Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll see you on Tuesday for the next update. Have a great weekend Duckies !!