(y=x) and (y=x+1)

kawaiidaigakusei on Oct. 2, 2012

I have been taking a course on Color Theory and just studying color harmony and balance has greatly enhanced my mood. This is a throwback to the fact that I have pretty much immersed myself in a world of A-Chromatic colors (white, gray, black) and a couple of neutrals (tan, brown) for one year. I feel that just staring at all the different colors in my color deck is extremely therapeutic and I am ready to start incorporating colors into my life again.

I have a personal preference for the warm colors of the spectrum (red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow). My favorite time of every day is the sunset because that is when the sky is shrouded in all of those colors mentioned. I was born in the afternoon and the afternoon glow is very nostalgic for me.

To start off, I switched around the color scheme of this page layout by picking a monochromatic yellow theme. Then I realized that the backgrounds for this comic could also share a similar monochromatic style that does not have to be in grayscale! For this one, I decided to use a red orange theme and I really like how it came out without overpowering the foreground. I think I will incorporate that into future updates.