ST: DS9 Was a Highly Underrated Show

kawaiidaigakusei on Jan. 9, 2013

This is such a small box but I have so much to say. Another year has passed and I think I have survived at least five raptures/armageddons/carmageddons in the last year. Whatever the case, 2012 was probably the most memorable year I have had because it was the only year that NOVA Channel placed an expiration date on. I started last year participating in my first Polar Plunge, where I jumped into an icy cold Lake Michigan and it set the precident for one of my most amazing years of life.
I have been learning how to cook all sorts of alternative meats such as tempeh, tofu and seitan. I am getting the hang of steaming tempeh and I find that my body needs the nutrients in tempeh like fish need water. A funny thing happened at the grocery the other day. While at check out, my bag of flour accidentally burst and a ton of flour covered the cashier. It reminded me of all those slap stick comedies where people get covered with flour/eggs/random fodo products and I started laughing at the mess of the whole thing. Ah, getting back to the vegan meats topic–I made my first seitan from scratch and it is crazy how it is possible to create “meat” from just gluten flour and water. However, I am a long way from giving up eating meat.