Kaytheist on Sept. 22, 2006

This is set at the fat little building where I go to visit my psychiatrist once a month (once every two weeks now because she's new, and she's putting me on new meds) for refills on my prescriptions.

The Tealmobile has been wounded. I suspect it was the thingy at the Dairy Queen drive-thru. That stupid clearance pole. What is the POINT of that thing?

Our van has a conversion top, which basically means it has a TV in the back and the roof humps up so you aren't staring at your knees in order to watch TV.

I've never used the TV. It's old and junky and…well, it wasn't the reason we bought the van, so I don't feel bad for neglecting it. I fixed it because it wasn't connected to the VCR, but then I didn't bother watching any movies.

It's a small TV anyway.