Front Cover

itsjustaar on Dec. 1, 2010

(6/30/13 – Hello everyone! Aaron Mocksing here! I'm pleased to announce that the entire ISSUE 1 RENOVATION PROJECT IS -GO- and being uploaded one by one right now! All of the colors have been fixed, the dialogue edited, canon adjusted and ready for view. With the aid of longtime fan and friend, Cheyne Quinn (aka SirQuacky of deviantArt), Photoshop and Flash joined hand in hand to really add some depth and correct a lot of the original series pictures together to create an even better story… the Lucas treatment, if you will.

We will be working on Issue 2 as well in mid-July. So please, with your support and help, we can continue this epic series and keep it going. Issue 10 doesn't sound too bad right now, but we'd love to hear your thoughts when they're all set! All comics will be available hopefully in the next good while this weekend!

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