KUWT Animation Tribute Cover -- Disney's Robin Hood

itsjustaar on July 6, 2012

Patrick's streak as a thief, liar, cheater, and stealer to live in London's animal law and guidelines came to an end. Locked away in a combined orphange and prison encampment far away into the outskirts of open, dry fields, he is anything but disappointed by the sudden halt with his crimes. However, when the brutality begins to rise from the headmistress Trissa as punishment seems to stretch leaps and bounds - coupled by the hanging of a young child, the starvation of a freelancing, carefree, cheerful female rodent companion, Patrick must earn the faith of his future comrades to enact revenge.

It's not about escape anymore, it's about survival.

… a three-hundred-to-one shot.


I can't speak for everyone, but I'm very much concerned about whether or not Patrick (not necessarily him, but Marie, Milon the Bat, Auntie Trissa, and so on) are still relevant anymore. A lot of the side comics were made to remember him, though I kick myself to spending a bit too long on the NOES comic to do more with his crew in the orphanage/prison combination. Because I'm an avid artist who loves his creation though, I'm willing to set time aside to try and bring these guys out more… so, hopefully, expect those little side funny comics I do to get them all acquainted with you real soon. :)

It's been so long since we've seen them since… Issue 3? We saw Funday starving and locked away, with Patrick passing out from the action. Characters were beaten, and Horace had his tail cut off and hung by his own tail– child's murder!

Now might be a good time to revisit it, otherwise I think what I should do for at least one or two pages should be backstory– maybe make that three.

Issues 2 and Issues 3 can be found on DrunkDuck (they should be labelled appropriately, prompting a quick find). ===> http://www.drunkduck.com/Keeping_Up_With_Thursday

As soon as this goes up, I need to update my DD and SmackJeeves immediately and begin working on the Recap pages.

Newcomers, be aware, again, the theme with these covers has been animated movies, of which I chose Disney's Robin Hood. Vinnie's stories have been An American Tail and Coonskin.

Patrick Mouse (as Robin Hood)
Svenn Rat (as Little John)
Milon the Bat (as Friar Tuck)
LeBrand Mouse (as Saxton (?) the Chuchmouse)
Aunt Trissa as Prince John (though formally, she'd be the Princess/Queen, obviously)
Marie (as Maid Marian)
Mart Weasel (as the Sheriff of Nottingham)

Art by me, drawn on Flash 2002 with a computer mouse; no tracing.
Characters/KUWT are owned by me, with the exceptions of Marie and Milon, who are owned by :iconseikou: (Marie) and my girl friend (for the latter, Milon)
I don't own the Robin Hood characters