A Letter to Trissa

itsjustaar on July 9, 2012

Uploading this now because I'm feeling very exhausted for some reason. I've actually been staying up as late as 8am for no reason, usually drawing and/or reading and downloading Genesis games. My collection doesn't feel too complete, I guess. :V

Also, you may notice a few things here. Trissa's without make-up, but, here's another thing— I'm going to open our comic, since there are two issues here, with a re-introduction of our cast of criminals. Patrick won't get the stage again yet, I figured it's time we look at those he is with.

Here, we open the scene with Aunt Trissa receiving the documents regarding who it is she'll be receiving due to prison overcrowding in London's animal sanctuaries back in the central cityhood.

Art by me, drawn on computer mouse and old Flash program
KUWT, Auntie Trissa © 2010-2012; me, all rights reserved

Website to be updated after or during this issue; coincidentally, Issues 2 and 3 are being uploaded on SmackJeeves now