Prologues, 1: LeBrand and Milon's House Party

itsjustaar on July 12, 2012

I guess I was a bit anxious to post this up. I've been drawing so much that it's become something of an obsession and great time-killer. I accomplished a lot more by focusing on the comic than going out places, which probably isn't healthy, but it gives me time to focus on my list of To Do things.

Here, we begin with some history on the characters captured, as seen between Issues 2 and 3 of my webcomic, “Keepng Up with Thursday”. LeBrand and Milon, who's crimes in detail can be seen here— —as noted on my website, they're loose parodies of Chuck E. Cheese, Milon being kinda like Fidget the Bat in a small sense.

Interestingly enough, I didn't realize the gambling tokens looked like the kind seen at CEC until looking it up the last few days. I'm so used to poker chips and the stuff we're commonly known for, so this was new to me. God bless historical blog archives and information tools! I love you internet.

Oh, and yeah… while not as OPEN as it may look, yes, there is a cat having sex with a white whorecat feline, there. It doesn't show anything, but I'm willing to say it's quite implied.

“Poker, hookers, cigars, wine… where a man and gal can be, er, a man and gal!” - Milon's best description of it yet.

LeBrand/Milon © me and Sarah Ortono, respectively; 2010-2012
Art, story, concept, Keeping Up with Thursday © me, all rights reserved - website

Coincidentally, Issues 2 and 3 which showcase these guys should be arriving on SmackJeeves soon. So check it out!