(NSFW) Sweet Suite Deal

itsjustaar on July 21, 2012

When in doubt, slam'em both. That'll solve your fan debates. :V Invent a cat better'n both. HAW. …and also the start of a personal, much needed RP closure. KUWT began as a ‘hey guys check it out’ doesn't need to be that way anymore.

This will be the last of the pages which may reflect something quite adult-endowed (sex on a comfort chair), however I don't think it will happen– and since I cherish my DrunkDuck account too much with love, I will divert attention to something else so I don't get banned or removed for this page. As such, a guy's impatient waiting on his turn. This page has a rather difficult and ugly edit in which I removed a close-up of the intended drunk shaggy dog (so it would appear, you can't tell from the all blackness because of it) to allow room for the dialogue. It had to at least have the poker game going behind the chair, otherwise it won't be too accurate with the room.

I'm not happy with the way the last panel looks, but everything else looks okay, IMO.

If someone does ask me for actual sex images as a request, you'll have to convince me. :P Payment, even. I'm confident in my female figures now but I could use more study in it. I'm still squeamish, too, lol.

But, enough about that!

I hope these animals don't cause a stirr. I wonder how long this party's gonna last.

Milon/LeBrand, and Miranda the Cat © Sarah Ortono and I, respectively; art/concept/design by me, 2010-2012; all rights reserved
from my webcomic, “Keeping Up with Thursday”
I own neither Cat R. Waul or Warren T. Cat

As for that mysterious cat, I have plans for him. ;D