Not Enough of Dose

itsjustaar on July 27, 2012

Laudanum, the miracle perscription of it's day in the Victorian day… because simply dropping an anvil on top of someone isn't always the answer.

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Milon perhaps wanted to be careful, this is an old man living on his own. If he had any dogs, surely he'd have done the same with them too… right? This doesn't look it's going to end well. While we already know what's to happen, it's of good fortune to at least give these characters – Milon, LeBrand, Svenn and so forth – a breath of life and not cardboard cut-out characters for Patrick to interact with.

I will be moving onto Svenn soon, followed by Funday and Horace. Marie, bless her heart, will conclude the issue.

((art is coming along slowly because the first volume of my WrestleMania anthology DVDs came in from the library; I get to see I, II, III, IV, and V on five discs. :D More is on the way, I think it goes up to either 20 or 24, I'm not sure. Probably just 20. No harm in that! SO AWESOME.))

LeBrand/Milon owned by Sarah Ortono and I, respectively.
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