Chaos, Defined

itsjustaar on Aug. 8, 2012

“Animal laws should be enacted. Of course there's already ones for owning an unruly pet, but it's already a long journey of trials and tribulations just to put laws down for the common-thinking walking, talking, animal with a sense of intelligence.”


Things are getting even crazier for Old Man Spoons and LeBrand.

Maybe it would be wise to just bail. Get Miranda out of there, and Milon the Bat, and scram! Y'got violence, barking, smashed goods, destroyed china, all that stuff going around. Oh, boy… good luck getting out of this one.

This was difficult to draw. In my day off, so much has happened.

..but I did get an early birthday gift of five-hundred dollars, of which I'll be investing into a new computer ASAP. The transition between that and one with 500GB power and 7GB memory or whatever should be happening in due course. I also got a printer/scanner!

Of course, there are other things coming up near by my birthday which are gonna happen. The pages you see here now will show up on DrunkDuck around that time (August 22nd).

*…still trying to change his birthdate here on dA* lol.

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