Poetic Justice

itsjustaar on Sept. 27, 2012

((I've just found out that there are two pages left and only one day left in September to really conclude this issue, not including the bookend I usually draw for this series. :/ …It's a bit disappointing to fall so short, but I blame myself for adding way too much filler as a result, otherwise I'd have capped it off nicely. Alas, Issue 8 is scheduled, I'm hoping, to begin in early October.))


“The purpose of the Miscreant Box was to collect as many smaller-sized criminals into the box as a dog bobby could. It literally was intended to ‘clean up the streets’ as the UK, as well as pretty much anywhere else which employed the system of law, was too long and too clustered at the time of the period to go hunting for animal criminals individually. They would be carried for weeks on end, fed whenever the dog felt so inclined, and eventually handed over jails.

Bigger animals were arrested and ensnared much like the humans did unto each other, but with this, dogs were permitted to enact the ‘Forgiveness’ rule; after a certain amount of time if the dog had caught a certain amount of rodents or other animals, if they had learned their lesson of little eating or water, they would be set free if they agreed never to do it again. This rule was as used admirably as it was commonly broken by both the rodents and dogs alike.

Humans were amazed by this practice that they were watching a living society onto itself amongst their pets, and simply have left them be.” — The History of Animalkind, 1933

Finnigan and the bobbies in blue send our unfortunate fellas downtown. Let it be known now that I am thinking about merging the issues into one like those graphic novel collections, and will probably be able to include Horace's story. Depending. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

It's been a very hazardous, stress-inducing week. I'm happy to say it wasn't the comic, though. My friend is moving and unfortunately due to conflicts with scheduling, his boss, broken down cars, financial tight budgeting thanks to this economic downturn… :/ …it looks like I won't be able to spend at least a good day or more with him. He'll be moving farther up. Suffice to say it looks like calling him before then would be a pleasant substitute.

I'm going to try and work on the comics I'm due, I apologize for delays.


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