Keeping Up with Thursday - As It Is and Has Been

itsjustaar on Oct. 11, 2012

KUWT as it is and how it is meant to be viewed by new readers. This contains scenes from the previous issues, namely – Patrick's first theft, and his mission with Vinnie from December 2010; Vinnie escaping with Willie Robin, also contains the scene where Jim, his father, slapping him, over the death of Terence, an older brother from the Civil War as Eudora is shocked to see; Finnigan and the Miscreants Box containing the gang - and eventually Patrick.

Series 1: Issues 1 - 3… The story of how Patrick became the notorious London thief. He is eventually caught along with other prisoners, trapped underground under the notorious and paranoid rule of Auntie Trissa - given permission to bump them off as she should see fit.

Series 2: Issues 4 - 6… Vinnie's story of how he came from America to London, and how the world of the animalkind is far from anything one might expect. With his family in near shambles and probable continuation of the Civil War looming, Vinnie runs away from home but finds his journey to find solace more difficult than he may have imagined.

Series 3: Issues 7 - 9… Patrick's journey into defeating Auntie Trissa with the aid of his newfound posse - Svenn, Frances “Funday”, LeBrand and Milon - to strike back after months of starvation, abuse, and labor.


When we last laft off of Issue 3, a failed escape attempt has left our criminals beaten, broken, and hung out to dry (the death of Horace, pinned and hung by his own tail as an ‘example’ by Auntie Trissa). Funday, who had been whipped in the face for snapping back, is starving and serving her own isolation in a private dungeon… where Patrick has been there as well. Marie, thinking Auntie Trissa has been doing this solely to prove a point, is holding her own suspicions.

Can our boys and girl reunite and survive this terrible predicament?

“Keeping Up with Thursday” Issue 8 begins now…
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