itsjustaar on Oct. 14, 2012

“…it was almost like we had met once in our life, Vinnie. It's weird. You see someone once in your life, and then you see them again, but right when you think she's all there, she's ready to go again. … and it wasn't as if she was going to leave to another part of the city and lead some quiet life, she may very well have passed onto the afterlife.” - Patrick


There's something of a running gag in KUWT. Characters changing appearance or colors is somewhat intentional. The comic being a nod to cartoons and their ever evolving appearance is something that happens all the time. Inconsistent, y'say? Tell that to Lola Bunny and everyone else in the Looney Toons. :P

This issue brings us back to Issue 3's ending. Funday, weeping over the insecurities of painful loneliness and isolation (I for one, have experienced it on a major point twice in my life; being locked away with no phone, food, comfort or soalce is far, far different than “This guy on AIM/Yahoo/myspace/Facebook didn't respond to my ‘lol sup!’! The scumbag!”, lol. So if you hear anyone bitch about not getting a Hello on Facebook, they're just being stupid.) and starving. She has been away from us for an unsaid amount of time but has made it this far. I'd sort of hate to ask how she survived.

One thing I wanted to do was take us back to where it ended in a very building sort of bridge. Notice how I kept everything into perspective, so all the items that are in their isolation cave are within the same range - it's sorta like your watching from various angles. One minute you're far away from them, afraid to go near them out of respect, then you go closer - “What's going on?” - and then you back away again, unable to look…

As for Funday's fate…

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