Savior's Break

itsjustaar on Oct. 20, 2012

“The old hill was a place of strategic military weapons housing and combat during the United Kingdon' old years. It may have well been beyond that, towards the Revolutionary era, but with dirt - you can only tell so much about it after a period of so long. The moment part of the wall was coming undone, I mistook it for simply nature's work coming undone. Or, someone was coming in…” – Patrick


You're probably wondering why these pages are coming in so early and so fast.

Well, it's a cave… and caves are easy, and since it's just Patrick being the limelight focus right now, there's really no need for anything bombastic.

I wonder what that hole (or, as I was hoping to create, something of an invert wall coming undone from the inside) is going to lead us too?

Patrick © 2010-2012; me, all rights reserved
from my webcomic, “Keeping Up with Thursday”