Purple Heart

itsjustaar on Oct. 23, 2012

“Time passes slowly… I got the ‘Thursday Thief’ name by having all my stuff done around that time, but when you're isolated into your own world for awhile, calenders are meaningless. Well, save for birthdays, but I never remember giving anyone gifts. We all grow out of them anyways, so it's never mattered.

Funday– Francis… ‘e’ or ‘i’, whichever you want out of her, had it worse than me. So young a life to live, too soon to pass away now. And here, Marie hadn't forgotten, and did her best. Rest assured, there is someone who cares. I hope this touchy stuff doesn't bleed onto me, though– I'm supposed to be the one everyone hates!” - Patrick


Marie, our savior in purple. Perhaps it was general laziness that she couldn't have picked a better form of wear to attempt breaking in like that - or her intended to stay with her Aunt to assist her is turning out much longer than expected.

Thankfully, I'm one to believe she was kind enough to keep Funday alive little by little as much as she could. Here, she arrives barely in the knick of time.

Marie/Patrick/Francis (Funday) © 2010-2012; me, all rights reserved
from my webcomic, “Keeping Up with Thursday”

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