itsjustaar on Dec. 3, 2012

Back to KUWT! How was Thanksgiving? If not Thanksgiving, how did your day go? Lol. And what a crushing page this was to do… Milon's out of it, for sure, hopefully. Someone get him out of there! This page is due tomorrow, but I'm really now hitting a stride on wanting to draw. Maybe draw -often-, too! ;3

Making up for the extensive vacations I've been having as of late. I usually like to have a good six or nine-day gap between pages and the deviantArt and DrunkDuck; having three days or sooner applies way too much pressure on me, and considering how hectic it may get away from the computer and at home, it's never pretty. I've crammed last minute before, and it's never fun one bit… :<

Now all I need to do is get out of this craze on playing my PS2, which has been down for a good while. But hey! Smackdown vs. RAW again! Yay! :P Right now just building up my main CAW (aka me, lol).

I apologize if the pictures of the characters are somewhat reused (hey now, Disney recycled the same stuff in Robin Hood/Snow White, right? Maybe not as deliberate as this, though…), but I didn't think it was all that necessary to really add much that the other page didn't show already. A little touching up should do nicely, really. It speaks for itself.


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