Loss of Hope

itsjustaar on Dec. 6, 2012

“The children probably didn't know it. They thought we were getting a pool of water, something to play in, maybe even use it for bathing - like a spring. Seeing it get dug in, maybe it was a mistake? We had dug the wrong hole, and should've moved elsewhere? But we knew it - the weasels were working in fast and using their shovels… all we could hear were the clanks of iron sheets scraping against rocks and dirt as the air filled up with smoke, and dirt. Milon had gone completely missing during the burial process– crushed underneath something. LeBrand and I continued looking, aye, but we only had so much time.

Being the bastards they were, they got bigger clumps of mud and rock– and continued to swamp it upon us. Maybe we did deserve it after all; a bunch of good for nothing waifs with no real prospects and idiotic ideas, no person to get us out and correct us…” - Svenn


I'm pretty tired today. I was out in Merced all day doing more shopping for Christmas, then spent the rest of day catching up on my reading material at Barnes & Noble. I might rest early, but I'm glad to say this was finally put to rest and buried (pun unintended) with the rest of Issue 8 in my folder. xD

More action scenes to keep the craziness going on. Can we get some James Horner in here? ;D Something to make this feel more like an animated movie sequence? What I would not give to -commission- that for cheap. xD

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from my webcomic, “Keeping Up with Thursday”