itsjustaar on Dec. 9, 2012

Marie, having seen the events come, now must put her foot forward in handling the situation. I realize this issue is, once again, about Patrick, but this kinda needed to come forward otherwise having it scrambled with only Pat doing the heroics would make the series hamfisted. Plus it's a good way to spread the butter around evenly from character to character as Pat's posse is… well, in laments terms, one too many.

With a crazed aunt abiding by her own means of death penalty (something amusingly I found out that my sis had been studying for her college courses, oh the awkwardness on that!), and criminals on the loose, the fear of children's sake… well. Who knows. I hope she chooses widely.

I'm not letting the criminals up and leave, I think it's best they stay awhile. For now, lol.

At any rate, the Secret Santa Sign-Ups are up and running and hopefully, if my sis is still playing Sims 2 Castaway today - maybe I'll get off my seriously lazy ass off the last couple days and do some KUWT side comics. This is the longest drought I've been in… xD I worry waaaayyyy too much, I swear. No wonder I get headaches!


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