On the Foot of Danger

itsjustaar on Jan. 22, 2013

Another in-between sequence of Patrick leading the action. Patrick going ahead and paving the way, while Marie splits the group to find a way out of this situation and regroup. Not a whole lot to really comment on here other than after this, I begin the pictures for the prints… the KUWT side comics will be on hold til I've finished them all.

He's actually standing on the foot of the weasel with rocks at hand, but I had trouble placing the dialogue. I didn't want to make it too darn small, but I also didn't want to make it too darn big either so you knew what was going on. Overall I think I like this page better than the previous one. Page 1's quality, IMO, lol.

This was supposed to go up earlier but… with so much IRL I might need to do these every FOUR days now. :/ Right now I got a bunch of DVDs I checked out and for some reason, despite these things being well over three discs long, the library only grants you one week to really soak any of it up. Family problems are brewing again and it's making me lose complete focus.


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