Final Page of the KUWT Series... for now.

itsjustaar on April 7, 2013

Well guys, after this, KUWT is ending. Issue 10 won't be happening for awhile. It's not dead, but two and a half years went by and it's time I focus on getting a paycheck so my artwork can look much better. It might work, it might not, but my health is going bad and finances still just aren't up to the family standard. 2013 sucke so far, and it's time to improve that. :( But… never say never.
The ending to this page was changed, not at the last minute, but only because it felt right. Originally, and the plan -is-, to have Svenn's escape mean something… However, looking back at the original pages I've come to realize he's not developed well to have said, ‘Svenn left the orphanage prison fairly damaged from the ordeal. Everyone managed to recover in some form, Patrick otherwise nonchalant about being trapped in confinement.’
I decided not to include Svenn, for now, as a contributor to a future storyline. I figure right now if I am going to return us all to the Anniversary Issue of KUWT– we are better off picking up on Patrick, Vinnie, and Beverly. I have plans for Svenn for another time, but it's likely he'll be Patrick's first real rival and villain for now. And even then, he's not a ‘villain’ like a bad guy par se… he's just a man who's morals, judgment, mindset are badly miswired, and Pat's stuck with that.
My goal is to start Issue 10 a new way, and all future issues under that direction. We've seen the past, now, let's see what all this does for them in 1894, and not 1883/1884 when the Patrick flashbacks took place.
I can't confirm when Issue 10 will begin, but these side comics will be my way of bolstering their creation so they're not all cardboard cut-outs as they've appeared originally. :) Maybe in the summer, the fall, or Christmas when Issue 1 began. And as such, I added a single panel throwback to Issue 1's cover. :3
Thank you all for Issue 9's conclusion, and I'll begin posting the new (and old) side comics starting this weekend, April 7th. For ‘DrunkDuck’ users, KUWT will be updated every week on a Thursday… as the name implies. :D
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