Keeping Up with Thursday: Issue 10, page 12

itsjustaar on Feb. 23, 2014

This page is another doozy. I think by now all of you (or some of you) have seen the Issue 1 remakes me and :iconsirquacky: had done for you guys. :giggle: There is no reason to recap the obvious, but I threw in three quick panels just to make sure we're on the same page. :nod: Right now we're looking back into the case of Miss Beverly Junebed, who, unfortunately, doesn't take the winter trips as well as we do… and I can't blame her! It's been cold lately, even for November, going below 30 sometimes here in Dos Palos.
But, now, on her trip into the pavilion on a final chance at recovery - she bares witness two strangers fighting into the night, of London 1894. Notably, Patrick breaking Vinnie's arm. It's hard to see, but he's snapped it pretty good: it looks like the letter ‘Z’ now in three different pieces. D:
And now, because she's awesome like that, our Beverly is going in there to run into the fight!D8
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