Issue 3 REDUX Cover Sampling

itsjustaar on June 5, 2014

I may be gone from DrunkDuck after this post, but I will return for only one instance– and that's to put all of Issue 3 REDUX in here. Probably as a means to try and consider the 2014 DrunkDuck Awards, but I likely won't. This is just a sampler of the cover, you can find Issue 3 already (as of this month, it might even already be done) on deviantArt.
Hope it'll be worth it, guys. :)

art/concept/cast/design © 2010-2014
Although my friend Cheyne, aka SirQuacky, is mentioned on the cover– he's really taken a backseat this time around and been more of a ‘fan guide’ as to what works and what won't work. Now that I have Photoshop, there hasn't been a need for him, but I always have and will appreciate his services on ISSUE 1 AND 2 redux. :3