Ctrl_reload on July 20, 2008

I'm really sorry about going on that unnannounced hiatus right there. The hard drive on my laptop stopped spinning, so I lost everything on it and needed a replacement. Now I have that replacement, and I can tell you all how deeply apologetic I am for this.

Of course, this also is going to facilitate some changes on this end. For one thing, I no longer have Corel Painter Essentials, which was the program I used to letter the pages. So, I'm going to have to do the letters by hand now, and you're all going to have to get a lot better at read my handwriting of epic failure. Also, a schedule is something that's going to be harder for me, so while I'll still update at least once a week, I'm not going to put a set date on it (And we all know that that's just going to lead to me never ever updating the comics :D). The updates will resume once school starts again, because I have too many things (Camping, etc.) that are happening between now and then.

So, that's how it's going to be. I hope none of you four readers are especially traumatized by these changes.