Star wars!

barkchun on May 8, 2010

i dont know, just wanted to draw a couch. Like every weekend back in grade six Brandon( the kid in the brown) and Zhenya ( the kid in the lkast poanel behiong the couch) alawys used to play it without inviting me D: i dont really care, cuz i HATE star wars. anyways, the couch made its debute in the first full lenght animation i did (it sucks though) and can find it here:

Anyways, i gave the couch a floating top hat, kinda like:

but inj couch form.
The couch has also been colored a red, with couldnt be colored in the animation do to layering issues. Plus in the animation, our eyes had pupils, and nowadays there just colored. Thats cuz Zhenya didnt like having the look of eye whites in a pic for our song electrified angel and decided to make them random colores!

Today, our animation skills are much better and we are coming out with an hour long zombie movie called “barkchun land” parodying lots of zombie movies. okay, im gonna do hmwrk now. Asian away!