Revive - 01

Tsukasa112 on April 11, 2012

Let me give a quick explanation about this series here. Revive! or as I have to call it here due to naming issues “Kingdom Hearts Revive” is a Comedy/Parody sprite comic that parodies various series and has…Well, comedy. It's a follow up to my first comic “Kingdom Hearts Untold Stories”, which was mostly a Kingdom Hearts parody comic, I tried making it a more serious series adding more Shounen elements, but that and lack of comedy inspiration and ways to turn inspiration into something others might find funny didn't go so well. A year later and I've decided to start over again, with Revive!. Revive! is like I said a follow up to Untold Stories, and will have many similaraties to it, it is however set it in a different continuity to Untold Stories. In other words, the evens in Untold Stories have no meaning here and vice versa. I'm not sure how often this will be updated or if its even funny anymore, but I hope you guys enjoy. This is also my first comic made in Photoshop, so I'm still working various things out. In case you can't tell the name is a parody of “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!” or as its called in the west “Reborn!”.