Ex Mortis 44

slackmatic on Feb. 18, 2009

And it is finished. More than you know actually. This is the very last Kitty Litter episode that will post here. No, no, no don't get mad or sad. Please stop crying. Kitty Litter will live on. But at it's own dedicated domain. I purchased a domain and host this week, it's something I've always wanted to do so I just did it. There will be no real changes to the characters or stories although we are going back to more of a strip format to hopefully get back on a schedule. The archives are going to stay in place here. We are essentially starting over with the new site. This is Kitty Litter volume 1 and that will be Kitty Litter volume 2. I've been busting my ass all week getting it set up, I'm making progress but I'm going to wait to release the url until I've gotten a good buffer of comics going. I want to get back on a M-W-F schedule. So that's it, I'll be posting something here when it's ready and I hope everyone will come on over to see the new Kitty Litter. Later, Ryan H.