Ch.1 P.11 - SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Seira_chan on July 4, 2008


Yup, the madness is ending for now. I'm kinda still surprised it came out for you all to see. And yes, he IS screaming “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” aloud.

Also, somehow, while drawing that top panel, Mr. Meanie there ended up looking like Gary Busey. Like this –>
0_o WTF?!?! XD But another drawing I did of him awhile back ended up looking kinda like Clint Eastwood, so *shrug.* I dunno. I think he's supposed to be younger than that, but he has such angular features, and white hair… Weird…

The upper portion of the page was done at the same time and the same way as the last page, but the last panel was inked today. I taped off the speech bubble and flicked ink on it to get the effect… which took some nerves to do. XD I also did a bit more photoshop on this one, to make things read-able, fill in some blacks, rearrange the bottom.