If I was a dude, I'd get a mohawk

Generic Human on Jan. 17, 2007

I'm not sure I like the way this one was coloured. I feel so restricted with black and white, but this comic wouldn't look right with colour. Where did she pull that knife from? I don't know either.

hysellt- thanks you, I'm glad you dig.
Unnamed- I know you smokers are suffering, my brother tells me frequently.
magickmaker- Thanks, I like to try new things with style.
Common Sense- Thanks, I really like your comic, very funny. I somehow always miss the little update star on my favorties list for yours, and then a few days later, realized that it updated.
McGranger- That's not exactly what I meant by this, but I see how it could be taken that way. I was just pointing out how whinny some smokers are. I've been given a speech similar to the one Krazy got before (I knew the person though) just for coughing whilst they were smoking.(they were a bit crabby) There is also an ongoing debate about this in the underground newspaper at my school, so I figured for the hell of it, I'd put in my two cents via comic form.
Subcultured- I suppose that the killing theme does make it seem like Vasques-ish…but I really hope people doen't compare it with his stuff.